Mary Keenan Knits

('cos nobody else would make me socks)

I'm Mary. I'm a writer who knits, not necessarily in that order.

I have been known to knit, spin, weave, and sew. I also learned to crochet after many, many attempts, only to discover it's really hard on my wrist. You can read about my adventures at my blog. All of my knitting patterns, copyright for personal use only, are available via my pattern page there, at no cost.  There are lots of chemo caps. I hope the day will come when nobody needs them except for the cuteness.

He's No Gary Cooper
Entertainment To Die For
an anthology from Sisters in Crime Los Angeles 
Write Choice Ink

The Thrill of the Chase
Going Out With A Bang: A Crime and Mystery Collection
by the Ladies' Killing Circle
RendezVous Crime
ISBN 978-1-894917-73-5

Mamma's Girl
Blood on the Holly: An Anthology of Christmas Mysteries
edited by Caro Soles
(a Crime Writers of Canada Collection)
Baskerville Books
ISBN 978-0-9686776-7-4

Tee'd Off
Fit to Die
by The Ladies' Killing Circle
RendezVous Crime
ISBN 0-020141-87-3

Knitting for Love
KnitLit: Sweaters and Their Stories
edited by Linda Roghaar and Molly Wolf
Three Rivers Press
ISBN 0-609-80824-9  

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