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The Nice Note You're Writing Me

If you can find somebody who will pay you for anything you make with these instructions I'd love to hear about it, if I didn't prefer they were left for personal use only. 

It's scaring me how much stuff is building up here.  How on earth am I fitting in any writing time?  Oh - right, I'm not! But I am learning a lot about knitting, and that's got to count for something.

Knitting Patterns

Worried?  Agitated?  Got cold hands?  Try my Meditation Mittens.

Want to knit a practical unisex gift with a powerful dose of luck in it?  Look no farther than this easy reversible scarf.

Longing for a 1920s cloche of your very own, or thinking about knitting a chemo cap for a loved one or local hospital? One reversible hat coming right up!

Swooning over hand-dyed yarn and wondering how to wear it on your head? Here's idea #1,
... and here's idea #2.
Need the instructions for hat # 2 in French? Many thanks to Biscotte & Cie for the translation.

Got an ugly hat you want to dress up, or one cold pair of ears, or a Sonja Henie costume to complete?

Need a hat in a hurry?  Four hours fast enough for ya?

Need a really luscious hat in a hurry?  It costs a little more, but it's worth it.

Knitting Techniques and Cheatsheets

The dreaded Kitchener Stitch got you stumped?  I kept figuring it out and forgetting it; then I wrote this.

Buried in knitting needles of all shapes and sizes?  Get organized with this exciting craft project.


Too much work to avoid to make a quick bread run look appealing?  If you've got yeast in the cupboard, you're good to go.